REE underpins technologies that are fundamental in satisfying three key social trends as summarised below.

Improving energy efficiency

Rare Earths support the uptake of energy efficient initiatives through their unique physical and chemical properties. This allows them to protect the environment by lowering energy consumption and improve lifestyles through energy efficient applications that save money, without sacrificing comfort and reliability.

Enhancing environmental protection

Rare Earths are playing a pivotal role in greenhouse gas reduction through their unique application in automotive catalytic converters, hybrid vehicles, wind turbines and energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Miniaturisation of digital technology

The digital era is gathering pace; broadband access, digital television, digital cameras, and digital music are around us at home and on the move. Rare Earths are enablers of this technology and its miniaturisation. New materials and novel applications of them enable companies to produce more efficient, higher performance materials, which meet the demand for faster, smaller and lighter products.